WESTfield we go Intu Derby

One thing that Nottingham has been missing is a nice shopping centre. After visiting shopping  centres such as Highcross Leicester, Meadowhall in Sheffield, Bullring in Birmingham and Westfield Derby, coming back to the drab and ugly Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh in Nottingham felt almost embarrassing! However, things are changing now that Intu have taken over and are doing a multimillion pound makeover of the Nottingham shopping centres.

Visiting Derby Westfield was a popular choice for us, as it is a relatively short drive and a very good place to shop. On our last visit we expected to see the giant words of ‘Westfield’ written on the shopping centre as we entered the city, as usual. Instead we saw the name ‘Intu’. We later looked into it and found out that Intu had bought the shopping centre from Westfield earlier this year.

Thankfully they haven’t made many changes (for now at least) and it is still a good place to do your shopping and along with the food court, makes a great place to eat too.

Derby is a nice town centre as well and shouldn’t be overlooked. There are some architectural treasures that can easily be missed if walking down the wrong street. There’s the Market Hall next to Primark on Albert Street, which still has it’s Victorian grandeur, the cathedral which is nearer to the river and the Guildhall Theatre which is behind the Market Hall. All of which are worth a visit if you have time in between shopping and eating.



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