Southwell or Suth-ull…

Whether you pronounce the pretty little village “South Well” or “Suth-ull” it is still one of the most pleasantest places to visit in Nottinghamshire. Although small, there is still enough to do on a morning or afternoons visit.

Whichever way you come into the village the enormous and beautiful Southwell Minster dominates the skyline. It really is a great work of art and is just as grand on the inside. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy exploring the exterior or interior of the Minster. If you like history, architecture or just wonderful sights, then it is certainly worth spending a chunk of your visit in the Minister’s grounds.

There are plenty of other historical buildings to see from the outside, such as Burgage Manor, which was the home of Lord Byron between 1803-1808. I am quite the fan of Byron, so to be able to see anything to do with his life is a big tick in the plus column. There are the Assembly rooms which were designed and built in 1805 and are next to the Saracen’s Head pub and hotel.

If you’re a fan of a nice treat you have to have a ganders in the The Old Sweet Shop and see if something takes your fancy. There are also several cafes to have lunch, a snack or tea and cake in, such as Alfresco Caffe, which is a quaint and decently priced cafe. If you want something more simple there’s also a tiny chippy opposite the market, which will fulfill your needs. Markets are held on Thursdays and Saturdays. Farmers markets are held on the third Thursday of every month.

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