A family search in Boston

For the last couple of years I have been researching my family tree, mainly using Ancestry.co.uk. When I’ve struggled I have had to dig a little deeper and so have questioned family members and scoured graveyards. One stumbling block has been trying to work out who my great grandma’s parents are. A new lead came to light after my dad and uncle looked at some old paper clippings and came up with a decent theory. It was enough of a solid theory for me to plan a day trip to see my dad in Boston.

To make it clear I mean Boston, Lincolnshire. The original Boston. Not the one across the pond which is where everyone seems to think I mean when I say my dad’s side of the family come from Boston.

The train from Nottingham station took an hour and ten minutes to reach Boston and I was picked up by my dad. Although I was there to see my dad and Grandad, the main purpose of my visit was to do some family research.

We first went over some paper clippings and certificates to see if we could figure out the conundrum of my great grandmother’s parents. I had not been able to find out the whole picture via Ancestry.co.uk and the documents only threw up more questions.

We headed out on an ancestor search around the local church graveyards. We drove out to Sibsey, a small, elegant little village on the edge of Boston, which is where we found the graves of my great grandparents and great great grandparents. However, that was the best success we had all afternoon…we had no success in the peaceful village of Frithville. We then went to Boston cemetery to pay some respects to passed on family members.

Our next location was St Guthlac’s church in Fishtoft, which was the location we hoped to find a certain William Enderby. He is supposed to be my great great grandad and we had an inkling he may be buried in Fishtoft, but once again we struck out. Our last destination was a long shot at a church we passed on the way back towards Boston. But all I achieved in there was to imagine a zombie apocalypse, as the graveyard was very eery and zombie like.

Driving around these small villages on the edge of Boston on a cold, but beautifully sunny day was quite fascinating and enjoyable. If you are ever in Boston have a wander round these pretty and peaceful villages and their elegant churches, as they are a nice way to get a real feel for this part of the country.

www. ancestry.co.uk


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