Attenborough – A protected sanctuary

The Attenborough I refer to is the nature reserve in Nottingham, next to the village of Attenborough, not the legend that is David Attenborough, who opened the centre himself in 2005. The reserve is named after the village and was founded in 1966.

I have been volunteering at the reserve for nearly a year as a warden. This gives me the opportunity to explore the reserve and see all of the wildlife that is on offer, while litter picking and keeping my eyes peeled for any issues that can be reported to the rangers. There are plenty of volunteer jobs to choose from, such as conservation work. I pass by these groups every time I’m wardening. There is a lot of work to be done on an Eco friendly natural reserve, such as dead hedging, trimming woodland and creating better living spaces for the wildlife. Much of it is left to it’s own device in order to make the place more habitable for the wildlife. This can give it a wild and an unkempt look to the untrained eye. However, having a lot of wild growth that is carefully monitored and cared for by the rangers and volunteers creates a natural living space for many species of birds and insects.

The village of Attenborough next to the reserve is a lovely, small and quiet village that is nice to walk round in itself. I like the pretty houses opposite the bowling green and cricket ground. Every time I walked past them I think…maybe one day I’ll have a house like that…

The reserve is a great place for days out too. Most days there are group sessions taking place, such as the buggy walk, for mothers and their babies. The pathways are generally flat, making it a great place for joggers and cyclists too, along with the dog walkers.

The cafe is one of my highlights. It is beautifully situated on the water in the reserve’s nature centre. The views are lovely, especially on a sunny day. But even when it is thick with fog, like it was on my last visit it doesn’t deter from the beauty of the surrounding area. The cafe serves lovely tea and cake, which is all I’m after with a cafe. That and the great view to look out at of course.

Attenborough Nature Reserve is beautiful, natural and has a community feel to it. If you haven’t been then you definitely should go and have a ganders at what it has to offer.

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