Derby to the Peaks

We wanted a quick break around the Derbyshire area and the best price we could get for one night was £39 at the Derby East Premier Inn,  It wasn’t in a classy or pretty location, right next to Brian Clough Way, but the price and location were good and the hotel was up to the usual Premier Inn standard, having everything that we needed.

We spent a day in Derby, mainly confining ourselves to the Intu shopping centre. Derby is a good town for shopping and with the very cold wind we happily stuck to the shops. The next day we had a tasty and cheap Wetherspoons breakfast before heading north towards the famous spa town of Buxton. Unfortunately we had picked the wrong day to visit…it was dull and cloudy with a wind that made it feel like it was deep mid winter even though it was mid April!

IMAG0940 IMAG0935

We still got to appreciate the architecture and history of the town, such as the old thermal baths that are now the Cavendish Shopping Arcade. It was Henry Currey in 1852-1853 who designed and built the Thermal Baths on the original site of the Roman Baths. The building was opened the following year. Sadly by the 1960’s the baths were no longer in use and closed down. However, they were redeveloped in 1987 making it into the shopping arcade filled with independent businesses that it is today.

We couldn’t appreciate the lovely Pavilion Gardens as the cold wind and dull day made us want to run from one indoor place to another. The rain came down in droves not long later and we had to shelter in a Cafe Nero, where surprisingly, I had a rather tasty scone!



We had much better luck with the weather the following weekend when we visited Bakewell, which is only about twenty minutes from Buxton. We ate chips by the river when we arrived, enjoying the sunshine and trying to ignore that bloody chilly wind that we can’t seem to shake off this spring.

Bakewell is one of our favourite Derbyshire towns. It has the classic Peak District beauty, especially by the River Wye where you can always see the likes of mallards, coots and swans fighting against the surprisingly strong current in the clear and shallow water. It’s always nice to wander round the shops, or pay a visit to All Saints Church, as long as you don’t mind walking up a hill.


Before heading back to the car we couldn’t help but grab a treat from the Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop. I had a slice of lemon drizzle cake. I felt that I should have had a Bakewell tart, as it is fitting, but to be honest I’ve never been a fan. I’d much rather have a nice piece of cake!


I feel as if I’m in the heart of England when in one of Derbyshire’s towns or villages, or driving through it’s pretty countryside. Maybe that is because I have grown up having holidays and trips into the Peak District and Derbyshire Dales, so it is part of my own history. Or maybe it’s because everywhere you turn there will be a quaint cafe, fish and chip shop or a dry stone wall…

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