Belper – Saving the Day

After an unsuccessful visit to Alfreton we wanted to salvage what was left of the day by driving the short journey to Belper. It may have only been a 15 minute drive from Alfreton but we had moved away from the not so nice area near North Nottinghamshire and moved further into Derbyshire.

Belper is only small and quiet, but it meant we could have a pleasant walk around, albeit brief. We had a wander round the War Memorial Garden, near the top of the high street. It’s a pretty little piece of grassland with a few benches and as you may have guessed a war memorial. Part of it reminded me of the Shire from Lord of the Rings. Sadly we didn’t come across any Hobbits, only a dead mouse…

Belper 3

We had a walk down the hill but a lot of the shops on the high street were closed. We weren’t surprised, it was Sunday afternoon in a small town after all. As you walk down the hill there are some lovely views looking over the town and into the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

Belper 4

We didn’t achieve much else, but after the dismal and drab Alfreton we needed some Derbyshire beauty to perk our spirits back up again.

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