A Fountain, a Walkway and a Cent

When we visited Rome we were disheartened that the famous and beautiful Trevi Fountain was under maintenance. I had been to Rome before and had seen the fountain in all its glory on that visit, but Emma had to settle for the water-less scaffold covered version.

However, because there was no water in the fountain there was a makeshift walkway going over where the water would be, which meant we could get a much closer look at the amazing 18th century architecture.

Italy 2015 239

Emma still wanted to throw a cent into the fountain, even though there was no water…but we could see that Emma wouldn’t be the first. So she did throw a cent over her shoulder, over the walkway fence and onto the ground below. I don’t know about it bringing us luck, but it certainly didn’t bring us any for the not very nice meal we had when leaving the fountain. Hopefully the tradition will ensure a return trip to Rome.

Italy 2015 240


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