2019 Expectations

I am posting this later than I wanted to as somehow it’s already February! We had quite a few adventures last year, including Disney World, Florida in May, Portugal in September and other trips in the UK; Shrewsbury, Cirencester and Leeds.

2019 will be a completely different year, as a baby is on it’s way in the next few weeks. So of course this means that no holidays or trips have been booked and we will be going away less often this year. We hope to go away for my birthday in June and our anniversary in September and then I hope for a Christmas trip, as our Christmas breaks are always festively fun.

We of course have no idea if these plans and ideas will come to fruition, it of course relies on how well we cope with looking after a baby and if we are able to manage our money with it taking a heavy knock with Emma’s maternity leave.

Nothing usually stops us from doing and going where we want to, so I am going to do my best to not let that change now, it just means our trips will be very different from now on with a baby in tow.

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