Derbyshire with a baby – Day 2

Day 2 was another warm and sunny day. Our hotel was in Ripley, but we decided to go for a Wetherspoons breakfast in Matlock, which wasn’t far down the road. The Matlock Wetherspoons is in a lovely old building, I always enjoy reading the history of the pub which can always be found dotted round the Wetherspoon’s interior.

We went for a walk after our breakfast, through the park, which had a lot of shade on one side under the trees which kept the pushchair nicely shaded.

We spent the afternoon in Bakewell, a Derbyshire favourite for us. But with it being the first time going there with a baby we came to realise how not baby friendly Bakewell is. Once we had explored the shops and had a walk around we wanted to take a break in a cafe to breastfeed and have tea and cake. There were plenty of independent cafes but many closed at 3pm and the ones that were still open didn’t have a baby change toilet, one didn’t even have a toilet….so after walking in and out of nearly every cafe in Bakewell we reluctantly ended up in Costa Coffee. We have nothing against Costa and go there quite often but wanted to go somewhere different, however Costa was the only place with a baby change.

The next time we visit Bakewell will be easier, as maybe by then baby will then be a toddler and we won’t have as big a pushchair. We could also play on the park or field to entertain the little one. But like Matlock Bath it was becoming a trend that Derbyshire does not cater for babies.

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