Cold Cromer

Cromer was our first trip of 2022. We went for a couple of nights in early March. A bit early in the year to visit the seaside, but only two months from going to Ibiza, so we wanted a taste of the sea and sand.

We were lucky to have plenty of sunshine, but it did mean a bitterly cold wind on our 2nd day! We couldn’t achieve much because of having a 3 year old with us, and she cracked my phone screen the moment we arrived, which was an ominous start to the holiday.

I loved the seaside architecture of the town, with its grand b&bs, seafront buildings and unusual stonework on the local church. We did go on the beach one of the days. Our daughter loves the sea and beach too much for us not to have taken her. However, she did have a shock when she fell in the water and the cold cut right through her puddlesuit and clothes. 5 minutes later I was walking back up to our apartment with a barefoot and wet toddler in my arms.

We filled the rest of our time in the amusements, walking along the pier, looking in the shops and going on a kids park. Cromer was a nice location by the sea to visit for a couple of days. I can see why it is a popular location in the East of England for a seaside break. In the summer months I’m sure it would be incredibly busy.

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