Santa Eulalia-Ibiza

Our holiday to Ibiza in May was our first time abroad since Covid. A huge 2 and a half year gap since our last foreign trip, which to us is a very long time! Our last holiday was to Menorca in 2019 with a 6 month old, a piece of cake compared to a 3 year old…However, we set no aims or targets like we usually do when away. It was just about being on holiday in another country.

Our hotel, Casa Luis Apartments, had a splash park, which suited our toddler down to a tee. Our week alternated between the splash park and beach each day…the splash park was situated outside the entrance on what used to be a car park. It was well designed with shallow water, fun slides and water features. This was great for our 3 year old and was well suited for all children under 7.

The beach was a 20 minute walk away, which sometimes made it a struggle to reach with a toddler slowing us down. But it was well worth the walk along the promenade and past the harbour to the clear blue waters of the Balearic Sea.

There wasn’t a lot to do in the centre of Santa Eulalia, but this didn’t affect us because if we weren’t at the beach or splash park, we were eating ice cream. Eating was an issue on some days as the Spanish do love a late meal, and as we have experienced before in Madrid, the Ibizans, like the Spanish do not particularly cater for the non Spanish. When we searched for a meal in the centre, we struggled to find anywhere that sold food that wasn’t tapas before 8pm.

Santa Eulalia is a nice family location in Ibiza, but if your kids are young, then a location closer to the beach may be needed. Also, if you are an early eater, then be prepared to eat late and be ready to deal with a lot of hangry people.

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