Walking in Nottingham – Part 2

The next walk I did was from Carlton to Holme Pierrepont. The journey to reach Holme Pierrepont was very similar to Part 1 of my walks around Nottingham. I walked from Carlton to the centre of Nottingham and then the same general direction towards Gamston, before turning left on Regatta Way towards Holme Pierrepont. This was a 5 mile walk in itself, before I even reached my intended destination.

My main goal was to walk around the rowing course at Holme Pierrepont – 3 miles.


Emma has ran (well, walked) round the Holme Pierrepont National Water Sports Centre rowing course on numerous occasions when doing the Race for Life. It has always been classed as a 5km run, so that is pretty much 3 miles.

It was a hot and sunny summer’s day, so I was already quite tired and hot by the time I made it there. The water is one long strip, which appears quite daunting when you can see the length of the course stretching out in front of you!

Emma has run/walked the course in around 40-50 minutes, so I had a bit of competitiveness inside me to try and walk the course in a quicker time. I power walked down the first long stretch, and glided round the first corner, but as I headed down the second long stretch I began to tire.


I became distracted by the views, the pond and then the slalom course just over the mound from the water. I took a break, sat on the grass, ate my snacks and enjoyed watching kayakers attempt the dangerous looking course.

Not counting my break, I did the walk in just under 50 minutes. Holme Pierrepont is a lovely area to walk around, but walking there and back from Carlton added 10 miles to my journey and it very much knackered me out! If you wanted to do this walk then maybe a form of transport to get you there will be a better idea.




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