Walking in Nottingham: Part 1

There’s plenty of things to see in Nottingham. Whether you go for a walk, cycle or are just driving through. But I like to walk and I’m a quick walker at that! On my walks I have taken photos of the pretty sights and hidden treasures around Nottingham.

Nottingham city centre to Gamston – 3 miles.

I had to get to Gamston and it was a beautiful spring day, so I thought it would have been a waste of the good weather if I took public transport.

Market Square and the roads that lead off from it, such as Queen Street have some stunning architecture. The Square is dominated by the imposing structure of the council house, from which the hourly chimes can be heard from my home over 2 miles away.

Nottingham 076

From the Square I headed down Exchange Walk, past the pretty St Peter’s church and cut through the Lace Market. The area is steeped in history and culture, from the modern design of the Nottingham Contemporary to the cobbled street that leads to the Galleries of Justice and on to St Mary’s church. If you pass by the latter at the right time then you may spot Robin Hood giving a guided tour.

I walked along the busy A60 with the canal to my left. It is possible to walk by the canal if the traffic is a bit too much for you, but I decided to stay on the road. Taking this route meant I passed the city’s sport stadiums. First is Meadow Lane which is where the team I support, Notts County play. Just over the river is Nottingham Forest’s stadium, which stands proudly next to the River Trent. Trent Bridge offers a beautiful view on a sunny day. Once clear of the bridge I took a left onto Radcliffe Road, with Trent Bridge cricket ground on my right.

Nottingham 089

Radcliffe Road was a more direct and busy route to walk. I could have cut through West Bridgford and taken a tea break at one of it’s many classy cafes, but I decided to crack on and stay in the sunshine.

There were some pretty sights, even though I was on a main road. From quaint houses and gardens, to blossom filled side streets and quiet little hidden waterways running parallel with the road.

I took a right onto Ambleside, which brought me into Gamston. A suburban area filled with many large and nice looking houses. I even got to encounter a wooden cow. Despite walking along main roads for a decent portion of my walk I still saw some lovely sights, which is often the case with Nottingham. Wherever you are there’s always something nice just around the corner.

Nottingham 103


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