Port de Pollenca – A Brief Visit

Port de Pollenca was only a short bus journey from where we were staying in Alcudia. We could actually see it across the Bay of Pollenca from the roof terrace of our hotel! We caught the number 2 bus, which cost €1.55 per person each way. The 352 does the same route as well. Not too bad a price for a quarter of an hour journey along the main road which curved around the bay linking Alcudia to Port de Pollenca.


Port de Pollenca is well known to birdwatchers, which didn’t surprise us when we spotted a nature reserve just off the beachfront. The views out to sea were beautiful, especially with the mountains in the distance.


As we walked north along the seafront the beach was replaced by little coves with a small bit of beach leading into the crystal clear warm water. I found this out for the second time as I had already paddled in water closer to the harbour. It was quieter at this end of the beach and ever so peaceful. It was a shame we didn’t take our swimwear.

We thought eating an ice cream while seated on a wall looking out to sea would have been even more relaxing, but the outer shell of my Solero melted at a ridiculous speed! I spent a good several hectic minutes standing awkwardly, trying to eat my ice cream and not let any of it drip onto my clothes! So there’s one tip for you…make sure your ice cream is actually frozen when you buy it…

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