Twycross Zoo – in need of a new direction

When the lockdown started at the end of March I hoped that my birthday 3 months later would not be affected. Unfortunately the government announced that much of the hospitality sector would reopen as the “new normal” on the 4th July, a week too late for my birthday! This meant our plans for a couple … More Twycross Zoo – in need of a new direction

Shrewsbury Castle

Shrewsbury castle is now pretty much just the regimental museum. It cost me £3 to enter, as a student. £4 as an adult. I started upstairs, which had a room of regimental gear and information, but what I enjoyed the most from the top floor was the next room which was almost like a balcony … More Shrewsbury Castle

Another Cathedral

When we visited Peterborough over Christmas we didn’t actually go inside the cathedral, we just admired the grand front view. I love cathedrals, which is ironic as I’m not religious in the slightest. However, I enjoy the history and architecture involved with such extravagant buildings. It’s a wonder how they were built in the times … More Another Cathedral