Taking a Breather in Bakewell

At this moment in time we are in the process of buying a house and as anyone who has done this knows it can be quite a stressful and frustrating time. This meant we needed a day out. So we decided on playing it safe and going somewhere we have been many times and love, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

We had a little bit of rain and a lot of cloud, but that didn’t take anything away from this pretty little town. We sat on the wall by the river and ate some chips from the only chippy in Bakewell. We believe so anyway, as there was another but there was a fire in February 2016 which completely gutted it.


We found a little courtyard that we have never seen before on our previous visits. There wasn’t much there except a few people nibbling on some sandwiches, a quaint old shop called Tegan’s Attic and a little bookshop with minimal space to maneuver because of a bicycle and a piano.


The memorial garden was in bloom with some beautiful and colourful flowers. We went to the craft fair, I don’t know why as we never find anything of interest at craft fairs.

Emma bought a big slice of lemon drizzle cake from The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop. We ended up sharing it as it was very dry, so Emma needed help to eat it. This is very disappointing when you’re looking forward to a nice big slice of cake!


We needed this day out, away from the struggles of mortgages, solicitors and designing kitchens. When in doubt you can’t go wrong with Derbyshire.

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