The Italian Gardens

Scarborough is one of our favourite destinations and we have been on quite a  few occasions. But on our latest visit we saw a new part of the town, which we have never come across before. We walked along the Esplanade, which had magnificent views of the sea and the town. We were searching for the Italian Gardens. But they weren’t easy to find…


I had Google maps up on my phone, but that was misleading as the Italian Gardens on Google maps is in the wrong place. You will actually find yourself in the Rose Garden. To find the elusive Italian Garden, we followed a pathway that led us out the very English Rose Garden and along a path that twisted and turned until we reached some steps and then we could see what we were looking for.


This garden was in pristine condition. Only one other person was there when we arrived, an old man who was trying to feed a squirrel. The whole garden is surrounded by trees and it felt so secluded and peaceful. With the weather being so lovely too it felt like we were actually in Italy or somewhere hot and continental! There are seats at both ends of the garden and some water in the centre with a very Italian/Greek statue that adds to the Mediterranean feel.

When we left there were a lot more people walking around, a couple of people had chosen a seat and were reading peacefully to themselves, while others took in the tranquility of their surroundings. This was a real hidden gem in a town full of surprises.

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