2 Hours in Stamford

It was Emma’s birthday and we were on our way to Rutland to visit her parents. But before we got there we stopped off at the beautifully quaint town of Stamford. We had been here before only a couple of months previously, but only briefly to have a meal. So we wanted to have more of a look around.


There’s a ridiculous amount of churches in Stamford and if you want a list of how many and what churches are still standing and ones that are no longer, then you’ll find it in one of the most unlikely places…the public toilets. Just on the right wall as you walk in, a list hangs on the wall and it is quite fascinating.

While Emma was in Boots I wandered in to a church at the start of the high street. It was small and quiet inside and I walked through to the church graveyard. Once again it was small and peaceful and I sat on a bench for a few minutes until I had to leave because the church doors were being locked.


We wandered the streets and enjoyed the atmosphere while also trying to work out the rules of the local school’s dress policy. The ankle length dresses on the girls felt like an olden days look, we think the school was quite posh. Certainly above our standards anyway.

We got a takeaway tea and sat in the park. It was a warm evening and the sun’s rays made it very relaxing, as school kids laughed and played nearby. We will visit Stamford again more than once. I want to explore the churches more and dig deeper into the town’s history, but for now this was enough.

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