Trump’s America

It doesn’t appear like anyone wanted Donald Trump to be president of the United States of America – Democrats, Republicans, the media, celebrities and the majority of the rest of the world didn’t want it to happen, but nevertheless Trump in the White House is what we have. So we have to look forward and hope for the best…

As with the shambles of Brexit, Trump in the White House highlights some serious worries for me as a travel blogger and along with my wife, as we are avid travellers. With Brexit the pound has plummeted and if Britain becomes a poorer country with a weaker currency, then going on holiday will become considerably more expensive. With the even bigger shambles across the pond it could mean that travelling to America might be affordable, as the dollar could take a hit too.


But do we want to go to America with Trump as president? It’s only 4 years to wait…but it could be 8! And that is a long time not to visit, especially when on our possible to do list for 2017 is New York or even Disney World again (if we’re lucky). Will it be a safe place to visit? Riots and protests have already broken out in some states with a lot of people not happy with the outcome of the election. What’s the country going to be like if Trump turns out to be as bad as we’ve feared?


If we don’t go to America next year, then it will be Europe. But anywhere with euros and that could make it a much pricier holiday than usual. That is why Croatia could be a country to go to next year. They are in the EU but thankfully have stuck to their own currency.


Travel is not our only worry. We are first time buyers in search of our first house and it appears that Trump winning the US election could mean interest rates could rise and that means mortgage rates too. There’s a lot of reasons why I didn’t want Donald Trump to become president, but I never thought one of those reasons would be because him coming into power would mean we would have to pay more interest on our mortgage!

We could always go to Africa, but that’s a whole other problem in itself in today’s climate.

Check out Martin Lewis on to find out more about the interest rates.


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