Royal Leamington Spa

It was that time again for another night away in a Premier Inn. We had all of Easter weekend off, so thought we would go away somewhere for the last couple of days. The Premier Inn was really well located, right in the centre of town. We parked in St Peters multistorey car park behind the hotel, which was £4.50 for 24 hours.


The town was busy and bustling and we explored the shops. The main attractions in this town are the Royal Pump Rooms, along with the art gallery and museum joint onto it. We didn’t go in the museum as it was closed. However, across the road was the Jephson Gardens, which was the real draw to the town for us, once we realised how lovely it was.


This park had a lot of pretty and colourful plants and gardens within it. Emma pointed out how very English it was to have such well maintained flowers in public gardens that change with the seasons.


The Glasshouse is a very nice and interesting feature to the gardens. It’s basically a huge greenhouse that opened in 2003, that houses many tropical plants. It was a bit chilly outside, so the warmth of the Glasshouse was really nice. We liked the varied plants such as the powder puff tree and banana plant.


We bought two 99’s from an ice cream van which cost us a shocking £6! From now on we will make sure we check the prices of ice creams more thoroughly before purchasing! The very tame squirrels seemed interested in our ice creams. Especially one that came within inches of Emma trying to get a better look at what she was eating.



There was a place to hire boats across the water from the park and there were a few people kayaking along the river. There were also several small gardens dotted around and a memorial of Dr Henry Jephson, who the gardens are dedicated too. A whole day could be spent in these gardens, especially if it’s nice weather. There was a restaurant in the Glasshouse, which is now closed. This is surprising, as the gardens are very popular and you would think a restaurant would be very popular too. At least the cafe has reopened.

Only a night is needed in Leamington Spa, but if you plan to go further afield then it is a very good base, with it being so close to Warwick and only a short drive to Stratford upon Avon.




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