Warwick – History and Expense

We made the short journey from Leamington Spa to Warwick, so short they are practically joined to one another.



It was a sunny spring day and annoyingly still the Easter holidays in Warwickshire, so it was very busy. We had to drive round the whole town looking for somewhere to park before ending up back at the first car park we tried! It was next to St Nicholas Park, which is a large piece of land that has a mini golf course, mini funfair and a lot of grass. There was also a river running through it where we watched large pedalos pedal by in the design of a swan, flamingo and mallard.

The town itself was quite small, very busy and crammed of with historical gems. We went round the newly opened Market Hall museum, as it was free and had a lot of interesting facts on the history of Warwick. This is the only free thing in Warwick that we could find, so there’s no reason not to pop in to have a ganders.


The Lord Leycester Hospital is a beautifully kept 14th century building that has tours and events. It was £8.50 per adult to get in, £2 cheaper for students, but too much for us.

The main draw is clearly the castle. It dominates the town and is of huge importance for tourism. Once again we didn’t go round it because it would have cost us about £45 for the two of us! I love history, but I wouldn’t consider it unless we were able to get a good deal.


Warwick is an exciting town to visit for history fans, just make sure you have a healthy bank balance if you want to explore all the attractions.


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