Kedleston Hall Revisited

Kedleston Hall was another National Trust place we originally visited in the depths of the winter back in January Kedleston Hall – Lost in the Fog and it was really cold and foggy. So we had to go again in August to appreciate the grounds in nicer weather.


It was much busier this time round, obviously. With a lot more people just coming to walk the grounds. That was one of the things we wanted to do, but we had to spend all our time staring down at the ground in order to avoid all the geese poo as we cut across the grass towards the water. So we didn’t spend long on that activity…


We brought our own lunch to save money and we ate it in the Pleasure Grounds behind the hall, where there were National Trust deck chairs for us to relax in and enjoy the sunshine and people watch. We still ended up spending about £8 in the restaurant as we both had a deluxe hot chocolate and shared a brownie. Sadly the hot chocolate was tepid and the brownie was dry, which was a real shame as when we ate lunch here back in January the food was really nice!

As it was the summer it meant the hall was open to visitors. I didn’t realise how grand Kedleston was on the inside, there were some rooms that made me think I was walking through a grand palace in Italy or Spain, especially the hall with the columns and Roman/Greek statues. We could only walk at both ends as the middle was roped off for some reason, but it didn’t hinder the views of everything in the room.


This isn’t the first time we have revisited a National Trust place this year. But that has to be done if you go to places in the winter, as halls and castles can be closed and as we have membership for a whole year we want to make the most of these wonderful historical sites.

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