Peterborough at Christmas

Over the Christmas period we visited Queensgate shopping centre in Peterborough. We were already that side of the country in Boston and it was only a one hour drive south to Peterborough from there.



The shopping centre was rather nice, somehow an hour and a half had passed by and we had only been in two stores! Well Emma had…while she was in H&M I wandered around part of the shopping centre to find a shop to keep me entertained and I failed, so ended up sitting on a bench and waiting for Emma!


By this point it was dark outside and after negotiating our way around Primark we decided to leave Queensgate and have a ganders outside. Peterborough town centre was very pretty at night with all the Christmas lights. We exited through one of the side entrances where we were greeted by a lovely view of a church that was next to Peterborough Guildhall.


I am more of a fan of the traditional Christmas tree, but I kind of liked Peterborough’s big blue one! Peterborough cathedral was lit up magnificently, standing out boldly in the night. I always enjoy having to walk through some sort of historical arch to then have a great piece of architecture revealed to me, very much like Lincoln cathedral.


I think we will have to consider Peterborough again for at the very least a day trip, so we can explore more of the city and what it has to offer.


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