The Sights of Shrewsbury

It had been an incredible 5 months since we had been away! A long time for us traveller folk. But sometimes other things in life takes precedence and that was moving into our first house over winter.


We spent just the one night in Shrewsbury, staying at the Premier Inn, which was rather well located next to the River Severn. The river actually encircles the centre of the town, which back in the day would have most probably been the reason why the location was chosen to settle in, with the protection of a natural moat around the town. The hotel was behind Darwin shopping centre. The famous Charles Darwin went to school in Shrewsbury, so his face is plastered over many a spot in Shrewsbury, including the odd bin.

One of the places that is a must visit is The Quarry, which is a vast expanse of grassland that is in between the river and St Chad’s Church. Dingle Gardens sits in the middle of The Quarry, which is plentiful in plants and benches, it would be a great place to sit on a warm or sunny day, as indeed it was the latter and most of the benches were taken. We bought a takeaway tea from a stall in the park and enjoyed the views of the river on the suspension bridge, that wobbled excessively whenever someone walked quickly or ran on it.

Shrewsbury castle is quite small and is mainly the regimental museum, my opinion of it can be found in my previous blog Shrewsbury Castle. There are great views of Shrewsbury and beyond from the castle’s walls.

There are plenty of old buildings and cobbled alleys, Grope Lane being one of our favourites, mainly because of the name! Many of the old buildings are of the Tudor style, some were so bent out of shape I was baffled that they were still safe and habitable.

Opposite the castle was the library, which used to be a school and it was there that Charles Darwin went for his education. Me and Emma went in to have a look around. There were many people in there reading, browsing and studying, so it felt a bit weird exploring the building like we were in a silent museum.

There were sights we didn’t have a chance to see, such as the Shrewsbury museum and art gallery. This was because we went on a Sunday and Monday and it is usually these days around the country that many museums decide to be closed! So this museum was another we had to accept we would not be able to visit.

Shrewsbury is a nice town with a lot of history, shops and places to eat. It’s well located as well, with it being near the Welsh border. Also any place that appreciates Charles Darwin will make me give it the thumbs up!

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