Registering a birth

Our travels have come to a halt in the last few weeks now that a baby has joined us! After a long labour we spent the next four days on a ward in hospital. When we were finally discharged we were glad to go home and get on with being parents. But now that our little one is three weeks old, those five days on a ward in hospital almost felt like a holiday of sorts…we had our own room on the ward, which was ensuite (it had a toilet and sink), it was all inclusive, for Emma anyway, I had to find food for myself and we had a nice big window to people watch. This was during the February heatwave as well, so it looked lovely outside, even if we didn’t get to experience it.


A few days ago we registered the birth of our daughter at Bridgford Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham. The sun had come out, which was nice as we’ve had too many storms of late. The registrar was lovely and friendly and the whole thing didn’t take long. It did cost £11 though, which I thought was a bit weird, as a baby has to be registered by law, so to charge the parents for something that has to be done seems wrong to me.


Registering your newborn is a good excuse to get out the house in the early days of parenting. As we have spent so much time in the last few weeks stuck at home, a trip out to a local area in the city that we live felt like a little adventure of its own.

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