University of Nottingham- Lakeside Renovation

We enjoyed a lovely walk around the University of Nottingham grounds on a relatively warm day, which brought along with it a cold wind. This didn’t stop us enjoying an ice cream on our walk round though!


Since we last visited a few things have changed with unsafe and old trees being cut down to make the place safer, and to open up the lake a bit more by restoring the lakeside to how it used to look in the 1920’s when Sir Jesse Boot acquired the land.

We were at first taken aback by the sudden loss of woodland, however, as we walked round we realised the work being done was an improvement. It meant the grass bank down from the university building now had a nice view of the lake, as a huge chunk of trees had been removed. It had also opened up several of the paths which has now made it a safer place to walk around for the visitors and the many students.


To our dismay we realised we could not cross over the stepping stones, as this was our first trip to the university with baby, but this didn’t stop Emma having a quick walk over them and appreciating the clear water.


The work had not been completed, well at least I hope it hadn’t as there was a lot of brown open space. Hopefully these will be made into grassed areas with seats or picnic benches, otherwise some areas will look a bit sparse of life.

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