The good and bad of Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana is a small resort on the south coast of the island of Menorca and is about 36km from Mahon airport. We chose this resort over the many others on the island because we read that it was family friendly and apparently one of the larger resorts… It is also known to have one of the best beaches on the island. Also with it being our first time abroad with our baby we didn’t want too much to do as we would be frustrated when we wouldn’t be able to do it.

The positives…

  • The beach was very pretty, as with many of the beaches in Menorca, this one sat in an alcove among the rocky cliffs and shoreline.
  • We had some really nice varied meals such as tapas, curry, chicken kebabs and fancy pork dishes.
  • The locals were friendly, even more so because of our 6 month old daughter grabbing so many people’s attention!
  • We had a really good little supermarket attached to the hotel with everything we would need for a week’s holiday, including some tasty pastries.
  • This was the first European destination we had been to that openly tried to recycle, with recycle bins in the hotel and on the street.

The negatives…

  • The resort was too small for us. We love to explore our surroundings and walk a lot, but we could cover the length of the resort in less than 20 minutes.
  • Even though we did eat some lovely varied food there was not enough restaurants and we went to some restaurants more than once.
  • Flies. For such a clean resort there was a truly annoying amount of flies about, especially when we ate. It wasn’t even really hot when we went in early September.
  • It was difficult with a pushchair. We found Derbyshire hard work with a pushchair when we went in June, so we weren’t surprised that Menorca didn’t cater for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Curbs were high and many shops and restaurants had steps to get into them.

Cala Galdana was a nice resort to spend a week in with a 6 month old, as it was generally low maintenance and the people were so friendly. But if you’re after more stimulation then one of the cities like Ciutadella or Mahon would be a better choice if Menorca is on your travel hit list.

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