Living with babies

It can be very difficult to get out the house with a baby, of any age! Newborn is the classic age where it is seen as hard to do things other than cry into a pillow, but babies and toddlers take up just as much time and effort as a newborn. Our little one is 11 months old now and one thing I don’t have much time for anymore is blogging.

A good way to get out the house, especially for us, is to go for walks (if it’s not raining) and going to country parks is one of the best ways to do it. This photo is from Ruscliffe Country Park in Ruddington, Nottingham. Yes, we got there late in the afternoon, but it meant we had a nice walk in the late afternoon winter sunshine and got some exercise and fresh air.

We are doing more things like this at the moment rather than days out, although we did still manage to go away a few times in 2019, including twice over the Christmas period.

I’m hoping 2020 is a year a couple of new destinations can be added to the achievement list, but we’ll have to see how the year progresses.