Busy Birmingham

We recently visited Birmingham, a city we have been to on a number of occasions and this wasn’t even the first time we went with the little one.

However, on this trip we realised that Birmingham and it’s well renowned shopping centre, the Bullring, is simply too big and spread out to visit with a baby. Unlike other shopping centres such as Meadowhall, the Bullring is in separate sections and it isn’t easy to reach certain shops, as it is not a case of nipping in a lift to reach another floor.

The maps aren’t too helpful, the shops on a different floor that you are on don’t give an exact location, just a floor number. Shops outside the Bullring aren’t easy with a baby either. The relatively new Primark is one of the biggest, which we love but was hard work with a pushchair. Next door but one from Primark is a large Waterstones, as luck would have it the travel section was on the ground floor, but then I realised it was actually 4 short steps up to another level…4 big steps with a pushchair. There was a small lift for wheelchairs and pushchairs, which when holding the button moved slower than anything has ever moved! It took so long I gave up…

We do love Birmingham, but with so many difficulties we will not be visiting the city until the little one is older. At the very least once she is walking, out the pushchair and no longer being breastfed.