A last adventure…for now

Just before the lockdown we managed to have one last day out. As it was sunny we headed to Derbyshire and to Kedleston Hall. At this point the grounds were still open so we thought a nice walk would be a good idea.Although it was a lovely looking sunny day there was an unforgiving wind that reminded us that winter was not finished just yet. We hoped to visit Emma’s uncle’s grave in the churchyard, however to our surprise the gates were locked. I understood that the church was closed to the public but I don’t think the graves should have been off limits.

The grounds at Kedleston are large and spacious, we kept close by as we had a pushchair to push round which made it harder to get about when we weren’t on the paths. There were quite a lot of people, old couples and families, which is why the National Trust had to close everything as social distancing was not being adhered to.

It was nice to be out, especially as now a day out means to go to work or food shopping…

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