The new Wetherspoons look

While in Buxton we ate breakfast at the Wetherspoons pub on both mornings. We were intrigued to see how they were dealing with reopening with eased lockdown restrictions in place. We had to take a track and trace form from the entrance and fill that out while we ate. We then had to post it into a box on our way out.

As we had not been to this Wetherspoons before we didn’t know if the pub had removed any or many tables for social distancing, but it was a big pub so people were well spread out anyway. Basically each table was like a booth.

Each table had this red sticker on it to make sure no one messed about with the tables.

There was hand sanitiser at the entrance as well, which we had to use on entering. The toilet doors were kept open so no one had to touch doors unnecessarily.

We ordered on the app, which is what Wetherspoons would like everyone to do, but there are old people and non tech savvy people who don’t have phones or simply aren’t willing to use apps, so paying at the bar was still possible.

There was a one way system around the pub and a queueing system towards the bar to stop people congregating, as that was certainly a worry or concern for many people from what I had heard.

Usually getting a hot drink and refilling it at the drinks machine is pretty much completely self service, but now it was all kept behind the bar, except for the milk jug. It wasn’t too much of a hassle, as all it meant was I had to ask for a couple of teabags.

This was a particularly nice Wetherspoons and with it being weekday mornings when we visited it was also peaceful, with quick service. From our experience Wetherspoons were doing a pretty good and logical job of cleanliness and social distancing. So big thumbs up!

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