My blog posts have been sparse in recent months, mainly because we love to travel and in the last 3 months the biggest adventure we’ve been on is sitting by the river in our car…eating cake…


Since November we have been in some sort of a lockdown, so it has been a while since we left the county! Something unheard of for us.

2021 looks brighter, (not the weather, which has been piss poor) but with vaccines being rolled out at a good pace especially in the UK, it means there’s hope for the summer and beyond.

We have a holiday to Majorca booked for early May, its looking a bit shady if we will be able to go, as we are flying with Jet2 and as of yesterday (9th February), they’ve cancelled flights up until 14th April. So its cutting it close.

If the May holiday doesn’t work out we will still keep to our aim of trying to go abroad twice this year and in-between that attempt some trips in the UK. As for now nothing is set in and everything is hanging on hope (and desperation)

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