Drab Burnham

On our visit to Somerset in early May we stayed at a Haven caravan site in Burnham on Sea. We chose Somerset over Wales when picking a Haven site as at the time we saw it as too much of a risk to choose Wales because of the varying Covid restrictions between countries.

The Haven site at Burnham was nice. We stayed in a deluxe caravan, not as nice as the prestige caravan at Primrose Valley in Filey last September, but it still had everything we needed.

We used the swimming pool twice, which had “covid safe” restrictions that actually made it less safe when it came to social distancing. We had to book an hour slot, but what we didn’t know was we didn’t just need to be out the pool but changed and out the building too in that time! We realised this when a lifeguard exclaimed to the 50% capacity pool that there was 15 minutes left. About half the people got out the pool and left and after a few minutes me and Emma realised that we now had about 12 minutes to get out the pool, get dressed and out the building! We managed it, just about, but everyone was in the changing area at the same time, trying to get to their lockers and out quickly, hardly covid safe.

We knew the beach at Burnham was more like mud flats and the sea was an inlet between England and Wales rather than the open sea. However, we still thought we would be able to maybe walk on the beach or let our 2 year old play. But there were actually signs up saying the beach wasn’t safe because of sinking sand and mud…

Burnham Town centre was average at best, nothing to write home about or to take your breath away. You can have a nice walk along the promenade but that was the best of it.

All in all Burnham on Sea was ok, but I would say choose another Haven destination for your holiday.

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