This was our first trip since the lockdowns and tier systems of late 2020/early 2021. We spent 3 nights at a Haven caravan park in Burnham on Sea. As we hadn’t been to Somerset before we wanted to see more of the area, so had a day out to Weston-super-Mare.

On the day we went to Weston-super-Mare the sun was shining but there were excessively strong winds that didn’t seem so bad when in the car, but when we parked up next to the beach and I jumped out to take some photos of the pretty beach I was taken aback by the almost gale force winds! The wind was so strong I had to hide behind a large metal sign explaining all the dos and don’ts of the beach, until I had the courage to pop out from behind the sign and take some quick photos, pretty much with my eyes closed too, as the wind was whipping up sand off the beach into my eyes!

We found a car park, which ended up not being very good as the lift was broken which meant I had to carry the pushchair down several flights of stairs, while Emma carefully guided our energetic 2 year old down after me.

I liked the town more than Emma did. She didn’t have much positivity about the place, but I saw differently. Yes parts of it was run down, not surprising to say this is a seaside tourist town, which would have had barely any tourism over the last year because of the pandemic.

There were some nice buildings, open spaces and building work taking place that looked like it would help spruce some areas up. One area reminded me of being abroad in Europe, the sunshine helped the situation…maybe it has just been so long since we’ve been abroad that I’m starting to hallucinate….

Overall I thought Weston-super-Mare needed to keep making itself look better within the town and fix the bloody lift in the car park that we unfortunately chose! The beach was huge and beautiful at least, with plenty of people taking advantage of the high winds and waves. I’d say that the town is worth a visit, but maybe wait for a bit of time for it to hopefully improve.

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