2022…maybe this year

2021 was another epic fail with abroad travel for us. We had a trip to Majorca booked in May, which was cancelled, then it was Ibiza in September, but we postponed that because of too much expense with covid tests, as well as the risk of catching covid while out there and then being stuck with a toddler, while confined to a hotel… It’s been 20 years since its been this long since I’ve been abroad…

We have Ibiza booked in for May and if we finally get to go then it will be a trip 2 years in the making. Then comes the added trouble of taking a very emotional and difficult toddler with us, but we’ll deal with that hurdle at the time…

We have a break booked in Cromer, Norfolk in March and we will attempt to go abroad again later in the year, if we can find a cheap destination, which will probably be mainland Spain.

With the covid situation improving there should be nothing stopping us from going to Ibiza in 3 months. But 3 months is a long time in a covid world.

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