Florida and its Freak Weather

On our most recent trip to Disney World, Florida in May 2018 we didn’t get the weather we hoped for, like the weather we got two years earlier in May 2016. When we looked ahead at the weather forecast before arriving in Florida the weather seemed rather decent, but it all changed once we were … More Florida and its Freak Weather

The Chance of Rain

We were in Florida in May of this year and in the first week we managed to get a bit more rain than we bargained for. So much so that by our fourth day we were concerned our holiday could end up being a washout! Thankfully the weather stabilised and returned to the usual weather … More The Chance of Rain

The Greyness

British weather has a reputation of being pretty crud. It’s true, it is pretty crud. But the mistake made about our weather is that it’s bad because it rains so much. This might be the case for Wales, but not necessarily so for the rest of the British Isles. It’s not the rain, the cold, … More The Greyness