Florida and its Freak Weather

On our most recent trip to Disney World, Florida in May 2018 we didn’t get the weather we hoped for, like the weather we got two years earlier in May 2016. When we looked ahead at the weather forecast before arriving in Florida the weather seemed rather decent, but it all changed once we were there…


We went for two weeks and in the first week we had some sunshine and a lot of rain. Our first full day we went to Magic Kingdom and it rained heavily for a lot of the day, which meant very wet flip flops and a lot of walking quickly and dashing from ride to ride. This was sad for us because Magic Kingdom is so beautiful in the sunshine and with it being our first day we didn’t want soggy flip flops and to look up and see a British grey sky.


Our trips to the other parks in the first week had some sunshine interspersed with multiple downpours and a lot of cloud. As we left Animal Kingdom we could tell the rain was on it’s way, the air had cooled and the skies had gone very grey and we were not the only ones who thought this, as people moved quickly to wherever they wanted to be. I was waiting for the drops to inevitably begin as we walked out the park and headed for the tram to take us to our car. But no rain. And then as we stood waiting for the tram in the most exposed part of the whole Animal Kingdom, it went from being no rain to an absolute torrential downpour! Emma screamed, while all of us hurriedly tried to throw on our ponchos. It was such a shocking and instant downpour that it was funny, even though we were drenched.


We visited both water parks in the first week and managed to have a couple of hours both times before the rain came. Sadly the rain didn’t stop and thunderstorms were in the area, so no one was allowed in the water. The usual Florida thing is for the rain to move on and the sun to reappear, but this time when the bad weather came it just stuck, so we had to call it a day.


In the first half of the second week we had what I think was actual freak weather for Florida and that was around three days with almost no sun whatsoever! Just grey cloud. This happened on our second trip to Typhoon Lagoon, we were happy there was no rain but because there was no sunshine it meant we were actually quite chilly, especially when on the lazy river.


Thankfully for our last three days we had sunshine and hot weather. We were grateful to have three days of it as that meant we were able to appreciate Epcot with it’s Flower and Garden Festival and Magic Kingdom in it’s sun filled beauty.

The bad weather continued after we went home as well, meaning there was a lot of tourists who have been miffed about the weather throughout May and June 2018. Whenever we decide to go again we will not be going in May as it is too much of a risk because of the weather, which is a pity as the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot ends in May every year and we love it. We still managed to accomplish everything we wanted to do with our time there, but it made it hard work at times changing plans and always peering up at the skies ready for the next downpour or hoping for a ray of sunshine.


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