The Greyness

British weather has a reputation of being pretty crud. It’s true, it is pretty crud. But the mistake made about our weather is that it’s bad because it rains so much. This might be the case for Wales, but not necessarily so for the rest of the British Isles. It’s not the rain, the cold, the wind or the winter nights…it’s the greyness.

The greyness is those dull days that we have way too often. A thick, grey blanket of cloud envelopes the entire sky and it drains the colour out of everything. On these days it can be very hard to become motivated, this is certainly the case for me!



It’s this weather which causes the cynical and depressed feel in British society, in my opinion. I think it’s one of the main reasons why so many British people go on holiday, travel and emigrate! It’s certainly why my dad has spent the best part of the last six years living in Thailand! I’m surprised there aren’t hoards of British people gathering together in other countries in hypnotised, trance like states, waiting for the sun’s rays to give them a new lease of life. Oh wait…that does happen on hundreds of beaches around the world, it’s called sunbathing. It’s also why when we do have a hot and/or sunny day Britain goes a bit loopy; all the outdoor hot spots become mega busy, especially the beaches and suddenly everyone’s too “ill” for work.

Italy 027

When it rains abroad or is a grey day, it never seems as soul destroying as it does back in old Blighty. We’ve been to many places around the world where it has been a grey day or generally not nice, but it’s simply a different feeling…because you know it’s not going to last. Have you also noticed that people living in sunny countries always appear happier than us? It’s the sunshine! It warms the soul.

As you might have guessed, I’m writing this on a grey day, while the rain trickles down the window and I have to keep myself content with a nice warm cuppa.

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