Bondi Beach

We had heard a lot about Bondi Beach over the years and all of it good stuff. It was the only beach around the Sydney area we had properly heard of, so when we visited Sydney we thought we would have a look at it, even though it was Australia’s winter.

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We bought a return ticket from King’s Cross Station, which cost $8.40 each. The train took us to Bondi Junction and I enjoyed the ride as it had two floors, something I have never experienced on a train before. We sat upstairs and made the most of it! Which mainly involved looking out the window and appreciating it was higher up than usual. Our next connection was the 333 bus, which took us straight to Bondi Beach.

It wasn’t what we expected. The beach was pretty, but certainly not the wonderfully stunning beach that so many people had gone on about so much. I have heard on more than one occasion that Australia claim it to be their best beach, but I’m sure they have much better beaches such as ones along the Gold Coast or Byron Bay.

Bondi would have been more lively if it was the summer, as some shops and cafes were closed. We may have also been in more beachy wear and been able to chill out on the beach or swim in the water. But we still appreciated the sights and the enormous waves! As well as on to the rocks and sand the waves crashed repeatedly into the outdoor pools situated on either side of the beach, which created some unusual breaks in the waves, whirlpools and very flooded swimming pools!

As it was winter, there was an ice rink on the beach with food stalls and free tea being given away, which tasted minging! It didn’t smell too good either. I’m not sure what they did to it to make it so bad, tea is an easy drink to make! It was all rather weird that it was winter, everyone was wrapped up, people were skating on an ice rink, but it was on a beach with the warm Australian sun shining down on us all.

Bondi isn’t necessarily a bad beach, it has just been overrated and become a famous Australian beach. But I could easily pick a dozen other beaches in Thailand, Europe or even England that easily outdo Bondi.

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