Pit Stop in Sleaford

On our way back from Boston where we visited my Grandparents grave, we took a brief pit stop in the small Lincolnshire town of Sleaford. There were clear skies as we left Nottingham, but by the time we were in Boston there was heavy fog and freezing cold temperatures and that’s how it stayed for the rest of the day.

We parked in the centre of Sleaford and went to Costa Coffee to have a cuppa. I also had a raspberry and white chocolate muffin and Emma had a festive teacake. The festive part was just some marzipan holly on top of the teacake…

We explored the town briefly, pretty much as long as we could stand the cold! There were some interesting old buildings and the fog and cold had created a bit of an airy feel to the town. But we soon called it a day and hurried back to our car for warmth.



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