Another night in Derbyshire

We needed a night away from the stresses of what feels like everything at the moment. So we booked a night away at The Derby Conference Centre, in Derby funnily enough. The Derby Conference Centre does not have a good ring to it. They really should add ‘and hotel’ onto the end of it.


It was a five minute drive from Intu shopping centre. So after we checked in and settled into our room we drove to Intu to park up and then spent the evening in the centre. We went to a few shops before going for a meal at The Standing Order, which is one of two Wetherspoons in Derby. This particular one used to be a bank and is a very grand building.

We spent over £20 which is a lot of money for Wetherspoon standards! But it was well worth it, as the BBQ pork ribs I had were very tasty and tender and I do enjoy a good pint of Strongbow dark fruit…or two.


The hotel room was okay, we compare everything to Premier Inn these days as it’s usually cheap and always well maintained. Not many other decently priced hotels match up and this one wasn’t as good as a Premier Inn. But at least there was a breakfast included and it was a varied and nice buffet breakfast on offer.

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