10 Things That Make Me Happy

My sister in law Louise from Birds and Lilies tagged me to this post, so I thought I would give it a go even though I’m a cynical fellow. So these are 10 things that make me happy…


travelling 6 018

As a travel blogger, travelling clearly has to be at the top of my list of what makes me happy. It’s not just being in a foreign land, a new location or moving from one new place to another, it’s also the excitement and build up to actually going on holiday or onto a new travelling adventure.

A Cup of Tea

I drink a fair amount of tea, as whether it’s cold outside or mid summer nothing beats a good cuppa. Recently I have been trying different milks in my tea, almond was too sweet (even the unsweetened), oat was a bit blah and now I have unsweetened soya, which is cheaper and much nicer than the ones just mentioned.


This does seem like an obvious choice, as who isn’t happy when the sun shines, but there’s more to it than that. With the amount of grey days we have on this island, it can really bring down my mood. I probably suffer from SAD, like many British people I’m sure, my dad for example which is partly why he now lives in Thailand! When the sun is out, the world looks like such a nicer place and the warmth on my skin makes me feel revitalised.


pine 041

I love Christmas and the build up towards it. My family have never been that Christmassy, but my love for the festive period got a new breath of life when I got together with the wife, as she loves it more than me!


I have had an unlimited card at Cineworld for over 13 years and as long as I see at least two films a month then I make my money back on my monthly subscription. Over the years this has been easily achieved. I love seeing a new film on the big screen, especially one I have been looking forward to.


I have been a gamer since I was a teenager. The consoles have changed and the games have advanced, but the same reason applies to why they make me happy. I get immersed into a game and I am taken to the world portrayed on the screen, but unlike a film I am actually taking part in this world, this story and for someone with such a big imagination as mine it’s amazing.

Disney World


Disney World has to be put on here as a separate thing to travelling or holidays, as it’s a whole different scale of happiness. There’s so much to do, see and enjoy and it is one of the happiest places to be. When I think about it I actually get a feeling of sadness and happiness, but the former feeling is just because I’m not there right now!


By Friends I mean the TV show not actual people, as I’m the unsociable type and the TV show Friends makes me much happier! How can you not like the show! I started watching it when I was 11 years old and the final episode aired when I was 18. I grew up with it, it’s part of my past and who I am.

Reading a good book

I find it strange that it’s generally the older generation who have taken to the whole kindle idea. I couldn’t imagine not having a book to read and just reading a story off a screen. A book isn’t just about the story, it’s also about the book itself, the feel of it, the smell and the excitement of picking a book up for the first time or wondering when I can find time to read another chapter.



The wife.



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