Remembering The Summer – Part 2

Our summer was nicely busy with travel this year. A month after Portugal we were in Amsterdam, Amsterdam – A city that tries too hard although the weather was at the same standard as the UK.


Amsterdam is a city that everyone seems to have been to and it was on our list as a city that needs ticking off. It was a very busy city, overcrowded in our eyes with countless crowds of people wherever we went. This is probably because there is so much varied stuff to do, from shopping, sightseeing or the well renowned stag and hen do attractions.


We stuck to the sightseeing, taking a boat ride through the canals, going in some museums, the palace and going on a bike ride through Vondelpark. However, with everything we did there was always a niggle of annoyance, whether it be the enormous bicycles Dam(n) Bicycles that are only suited to the tall Dutch locals, the sheer expense of everything or vast volumes of people.

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