Remembering The Summer – Part 3

To round off our summer adventures we went to Madrid in September. I had not been to mainland Spain for 14 years, so I was looking forward to it. There were plenty of hotels to choose from, most were called hostels, including the one we stayed in. We were situated just off Sol Square, which was loud, busy, entertaining and full of life.


Madrid had about as many Squares as Amsterdam had museums. 5 Must do’s in Madrid So there were plenty of free areas around the city to relax in and explore away from the hubbub of the busy city streets. Madrid may not have an excessive amount of museums like Amsterdam but there is still plenty to do, such as the Royal Palace and the zoo Madrid Zoo and Pandas!


We did have an issue some nights when it came to food, as the majority of affordable restaurants were tapas which wasn’t particularly to our taste and a lot of other restaurants didn’t open until late, which meant we were hungry a lot.

We had a busy summer of travel and our next abroad trip will be Disney World next year! Check out my previous blogs of what we thought about our last trip!  5 Magical Reasons to Visit Magic Kingdom

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