Sometimes it’s not always the same…

I am going to say it…there were some negative aspects of our most recent trip to Disney World, Florida this year compared to our 2016 trip. The main problem was the weather. My brother, you know, one of them (a none Disney believer) didn’t think the rain would affect Disney World plans. The fool. Once I explained to him that for a start rain is a real issue for outdoor water parks, especially with it being Florida, a thunderstorm is always lurking about in every other rain cloud. The main thing about the weather that kept niggling away at us was that we were in the sunshine state! Pfft.


The parks appeared busier this time round, this is not Disney’s fault, otherwise you’ll have to count being awesome and popular as a fault. But it was frustrating when we had to wait a good deal of time in the Fastpass+ lines, when the whole point of the Fastpass+ system is that you don’t have to wait for too long.


The I-4 is the main highway that we used in 2016 to get from our villa to the theme parks and we liked the road, for the most part. It made our journey every day quick and straightforward. However, this time round the I-4 had become a lot busier! More than once (including the day we arrived) we got stuck in very heavy traffic, losing us a lot of valuable time. Most days we took a different route and avoided the road altogether. I’m not sure what can be done about it. American highways are large enough as it is. I did also read that the I-4 is the most dangerous highway in America! I’m not surprised if this is true as the road is full of tourist drivers and terrible Floridian drivers.


I could mention several other niggly little things, but there’s only so much I can write against Disney before I can’t anymore! Many issues with our 2018 trip were not specifically the fault of Disney World…except the WiFi was awful in every park we went to, even though in 2016 we had no issues with it whatsoever! Anyway Disney World is great. Hakuna matata.20180524_112514

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