Pandora – A New Land

Animal Kingdom in Disney World, Florida was already a brilliant theme park, but now with the exciting and colourful night show and the new land Pandora it’s right up there with Epcot and Magic Kingdom.


The two main attractions in Pandora are the two new rides Flight of Passage which I have already written about and Na’vi River Journey. As I wrote about in my blog post, Flight of Passage was worth the wait and is one of the best rides in Disney World. The second ride in Pandora, Na’vi River Journey is a very different ride. It is a slow boat ride that takes you through the world of Pandora, with nice music, a lot of colour and cool effects, especially from the animatronic singing Na’vi person near the end.


The food and drink is really good too. We really loved the food at the Satu’li canteen, I had the chopped wood-grilled chicken bowl for $11.49 and it is served in an actual bowl as well, instead of a paper plate. Pongu Pongu is a cool little refreshments place that is a must visit. We tried several drinks, one was Mo’ara Margarita, which was fruity, alcoholic and had boba balls in, which are kind of weird but kind of cool and tasty too!


What I really love about Pandora though is what Disney do best and that’s attention to detail and atmosphere. So much thought and planning has gone into creating this land and every last detail is accounted for to help immerse you into this world they have created. The live performers helped build the atmosphere and seeing the land at night is a whole new experience. The lights come on and the sounds of bugs and wildlife fill your ears as you wander round.


Disney World really have done a bang up job with Pandora. By the time we next get to visit Disney World we will be able to explore the newly opened Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land (Galaxy’s Edge) which opens at some point in 2019, two more lands that I’m sure will blow my mind!

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