Chedworth Roman Villa

Chedworth Roman villa is the secluded remains of a Roman villa near the village of Chedworth, a 20 minute drive from Cirencester. It’s a National Trust site and as it was a lovely sunny day it made the place seem even nicer as we were hidden away in woodland.


As we are no longer National Trust members we had to pay the normal adult price of £10.50. There was an option for an audio guide but I am never usually one who goes for that as I like to look round old properties at my own pace.


They have a fascinating conservation building on the west wing of the property, that has plenty of mosaics being carefully looked after with light and heat control. There’s also a bathhouse, which I always love to see as it shows the cleverness of the Romans with their use of underfloor heating.


The north side is not covered but has a lot to see with the rooms set out how they were when the villa was being lived in back in the 4th century AD. Some mosaics along the north wing were covered by bark and grass to keep them protected until they have the money to probably do a similar thing to what they have done to the west wing. This would keep the precious and delicate mosaics covered in a building where everything can be controlled and protected from the elements.


There was a small room in the pretty house that sat opposite the west wing which was a museum. It held interesting information on the property and how it was unearthed and looked after. The south wing had less to it that other areas of this grand villa, but was all labelled up so it was possible to know what the rooms were back in its heyday.


We ate lunch in the cafe, we both had jacket potatoes with cheese and salad. It was nice but not as tasty as the ones we had at Kedleston Hall – Lost in the Fog.


The views out towards the woodland were beautiful, there were seats and benches to sit on to enjoy the sunshine and views. Chedworth is definitely a site worth visiting, especially if you love your Roman history.

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