A Quick Visit to Stratford upon Avon

We had a long drive ahead of us from Swanmore near Winchester back to home, so we decided to do more than half the drive before taking a break somewhere. We drove for over two hours and stopped in Stratford upon Avon.


The town was incredibly busy! It was a hot and sunny day, but we thought it was too busy to be down to the good weather alone, then we realised the Riverside festival was taking place on the other side of the river to the centre of town. Because of the heat we ended up having a small lunch in Mcdonalds, which had great air con, but was rammed! But we needed food.

Afterwards we bought some drinks from Poundland and then went to see what all the fuss was about. We wandered round the market, where Emma bought herself some fudge, very much to her delight.


We decided to have a walk over the river to have a look at this festival. The bridge across the water was even busier than Mcdonalds and it was a slow squashed procession of people making there way to and from the festival. We were kept entertained by a family in a boat on the river that were all seated on the driver’s side, except one woman who was just about in the middle, so the right side of the boat was ridiculously close to going under water!


We spent only a few minutes over the other side of the water before turning back, it was hot, crowded and loud. There were a lot of stalls of random gifts and food and a loud jazz band on stage whose music was way too erratic for that kind of heat…


We bought ourselves a piece of cake from the lovely Hobsons cafe, which always has a scrumptious range of cakes to choose from. We saved our treats for when we made it home, to give ourselves something to look forward to after completing the rest of our journey.

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