Portugal’s Coastline

Last September we went to Portugal for our 5th wedding anniversary. We stayed in the same area to where we got married, but had to accept a cheaper hotel. All along the coastline of the Algarve there are beauty spots and it is arguably one of the best coastlines in all of Europe. We got married at Senhora da Rocha high up on the cliff next to a pretty little chapel.


When we visited in 2017 the path leading towards the chapel had shrunk considerably because of erosion, so a decent amount of the cliff had fallen away. This meant a fence had been built to replace the missing wall and planks of wood had also been fitted to walk past the chapel. There had been no change when we visited this year thankfully. We hope Senhora da Rocha has many more years left yet before so much of the cliff falls away that they’ll have to close it off to the public.

Portugal 282

September 2013 above – September 2018 below.


If you love a good coastline then staying in the area of Porches in the Algarve would be a good place to start, but there are many other areas too, such as further west in Lagos or back east in Albufeira. It’s the erosion of many centuries that has shaped the Algarve’s wonderful coastline, so it’s not all bad.



Lagos, Portugal.

Albufeira 034

Albufeira, Portugal.

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