Hidden Treasures II – Cirencester amphitheatre

This historical site is a hidden treasure to me, as it may be English Heritage, therefore being acknowledged and looked after, but it is on the other side of the main road to the town of Cirencester and to get to it by car we had to drive down a few residential streets before we came across a small car park. The ancient Roman Britain amphitheatre was encircled by a lot of trees with the sound of traffic from the busy road not too far away.


It was amazing how this ancient amphitheatre was now just a massive mound of grass, but in the exact shape of what it once was. The views from the top would have been wonderful to experience at the time it was in use. With the tree cover it meant we could enjoy the views of history and nature without seeing something ugly and modern in the distance to ruin it.

I wrote more about Cirencester here in my blog Cirencester – A Roman Town

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